TM2 gives early warning of ALL engine overheating problems in moving vehicles (for stationary engines see over)

Cars - Trucks - Boats - Motor Bikes - Fork Lift - Ski & Machinery engines.

TM2 displays your exact engine temperature and alarms with a LIGHT & LOUD BUZZER  if your engine overheats for any reason (relay output available: see Free Options).


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2 years warranty you can count on
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SEE THE NEW MODEL TM4 for vehicles & boats

Similar to the TM2 only with a modern LCD screen with back light and even more features & options. Including a 2 x sensor version with customized wording

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The TM2 is the best all round hot engine temperature & low coolant alarm on the market.

It can quickly detect ALL causes of engine overheating, including coolant leaks, sticky engine thermostats, engine water pump leaks, coolant blockages, radiator blockages, faulty radiator caps & even heat build-up from engine oil problems. Because it is so accurate, it can even detect if your engine cooling system is becoming inefficient.


 TM2 displays your exact engine temperature and alarms with a WARNING LIGHT & LOUD BUZZER if your engine overheats for any reason.


The Engine Watchdog TM2 is the No.1 selling Engine Protection Alarm for good reason -

- TM2 uses the most reliable monitoring method

The TM2’s electronic ‘East Fit’ heat sensor simply fits like a washer under any suitable bolt that is near the heat source. Here it monitors the engines metal temperature right where major engine damage occurs. By directly monitoring the engine cylinder head and engine block temperature, ALL engine overheating causes are instantly detected. This includes problems low water alarm sensors can not detect such as blockages and circulation problems.

The TM2's electronic sensor also overcomes the problem conventional  engine temp gauges have of becoming inaccurate once their sensor looses contact with coolant. With a TM2 you will always know your true engine temperature range in any situation.

This method of heat detection is highly reliable because heat transfers rapidly and evenly from the inside of the motor to the outside (air cooled engines rely on this principle). You will be amazed at the speed the TM2 works, for the first time you see your motor temperature rapidly rising and falling moment to moment as you drive under varying loads and traffic conditions. 

- You can program the TM2’s alarm sensitivity to suit your engine

The TM2’s audible temperature alarm can be set anywhere from 1 to 125 degrees Celsius by using the ‘Set Alarm’ button on the front panel (model TM2F is set from 34 to 255 degrees F in two degree increments). This means to install a TM2 you don’t even need to know your engine’s temperature range. You simply watch the TM2 and note the highest temperature your engine reaches during normal driving. Then you set the audible warning alarm to go off at a slightly higher temperature, it's no harder than setting an alarm clock and will  alert you before your dash temperature gauge has even moved.

- The TM2 is very easy to fit

TM2’s require only a few minutes to install and can be fitted by any home handyman. The main unit fits under the dash where the display can be observed and the internal alarm can be heard by the driver (Compact size - 80 x 30 x 60 mm, plus mounting tabs). The ‘Easy Fit’ temperature sensor fits like a washer under any convenient bolt on the engine that is close to the heat source, examples are under thermostat housing bolts, tappet cover bolts or similar. Power is supplied by plugging the unit into the vehicles cigarette lighter socket, or it can be hard wired. TM2 suits 12 or 24 volt systems and is fully reverse polarity protected

- The TM2’s sensor cannot cause engine coolant system leaks or void the engine’s warranty

The TM2 is perfectly safe to fit because it does not require you to break into the vehicle’s cooling system in any way. It cannot be the cause of coolant leaks in the future and because you are not interfering with the engines internal workings in any way, the TM2 will not void the warranty on new or reconditioned engines.

- The TM2 can detect engine cooling system inefficiencies

As cooling systems age they often become less efficient and the highest normal operating temperature starts to creep up. Because most conventional dash gauges have a 'flat spot' around the normal mark, these small increases are not detectable. It is only when the engine is suddenly worked hard, such as when towing, that cooling system problems become evident. Only a TM2 has the sensitivity and accuracy required to detect these slow temperature increases and alert you to potential engine overheating problems.

- TM2 also has an option to turn your existing engine oil pressure warning light, into an ‘Audible Warning Light’

TM2 comes standard with an optional wire that can be simply tagged to the engine’s existing oil light switch. If you see the dashboard oil light on, you will also hear the TM2s internal buzzer. (Not for oil gauges)


For professional engine protection, order your 

 ((( AUDIBLE))) Engine Watchdog TM2 TODAY for only a $149 Australian

ENGINE WATCHDOG TM2 Includes the electronic 'Easy Fit' sensor, Installation kit, simple Instructions, 2 year warranty.  Plus, you get FREE POSTAGE world wide.

US. & Canadian Customers - Fahrenheit readout is available, Specify Model TM2F when ordering (reads in two degree increments from 34 to 255 degrees F)

For Louder alarms All TM2’s come standard with an 85 db internal buzzer ideal for most situations. For noisy locations requiring ear muffs or if you are a long way away, a very loud mini siren is available- Comes fitted for an extra AU$20

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NOTE.  These options are free, add them to the shopping basket or advise us prior to shipment.

1. FAHRENHEIT UNIT. US. & Canadian Customers - Fahrenheit readout is available, Specify Model TM2F when ordering or use TM2F shopping basket (unit reads in two degree increments from 34 to 255 degrees F)

2. LID WITHOUT MOUNTING TABS. The lid of standard units comes with mounting tabs at each end for under dash mounting. If you want a lid WITHOUT mounting tabs for top mounting or building in, specify ‘no mounting tabs’ (unit is light and easy to stick down).

3. LONGER SENSOR LEADSThe standard sensor wire length is 4m (12ft). They may be ordered to size for boat motors and machinery. Specify the length you require up to12 metres. (contact us for longer than 12m)

4. WATER RESISTANT FRONT. The TM2 can come with a water resistant front for open motor boats. This TM2 comes with a standard front except the push button is mounted flush and has a piece of rubber mounted over it, The push button needs to be depressed with a pointer (eg. a pen tip) to set the alarm temperature. Specify ‘W/R front’.

5. EXTERNAL RELAY OUTPUT. The TM2 alarm can be supplied with leads capable of driving an inexpensive 12v automotive horn/spotlight relay when alarming (relay not supplied). This can in turn switch on flashing lights or sirens. Specify ‘relay output leads’ and the length required.

TM2. Specifications and Features.

Suits all water or air-cooled engines.

Suits 12 or 24 volt DC systems and is reverse polarity protected.

Compact size: Less mounting tabs 80 x 30 x 60mm (3.2” x 1.2” x 2.4”)

Alarm is an inbuilt 85 db buzzer and LED indicator.

The LED displays the engine temperature and is updated every 2 seconds.

The temperature in the alarm memory briefly displays each time you start up so you know if it has been altered.

TM2: Maximum display temperature is 125 degrees C.  The alarm is set in one degree increments from 1 to 125C.

TM2 F: Maximum display temperature is 255 degrees F. The alarm is set in two degree increments from 34 to 255F.

Standard sensor wire length is 4m (12ft) or they can be ordered to size for long vehicles.

Warranty, 2 years from date of purchase.


engine coolant temperature sensor



Suits ALL  engines using either a Air or Water Cooling system

All Engine Watchdog models use the advanced electronic 'Easy fit' heat sensor. It fits to any auto engine in seconds and is guaranteed to detect car temperature problems early than you ever thought possible.

Unlike a conventional engine coolant temp sensor that is insulated off the block and  become inaccurate once coolant is lost  The TM2 sensor remains accurate right  down to the last degree and right across the whole engine temperature range.

By accurately monitoring the engines metal temperature right where major damage occurs, all engine overheating causes are instantly detected.


Fitting a TM2 takes a few minutes and 3 simple steps

1. To fit a TM2 all you have to do is either mount the unit under the dash where it can be observed. Or because it has an audible alarm you can even hide it in one of those empty dash compartments. (Compact size - 80 x 30 x 60 mm, plus mounting tabs).

2. Secondly, run the electronic ‘Easy Fit’ sensor wire to the engine and place the sensor under any convenient bolt near the heat source. To monitor the cylinder heads and engine coolant temperature, a thermostat bolt is ideal. If monitoring the engine block temperature, mount the sensor under a tappet cover bolt or similar.

3. Push the power plug into your cigarette lighter, or cut the plug off and hard wire it via the ignition switch. It suits 12 or 24v systems and is fully reverse polarity protected (you won’t blow it up).




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Mount the sensor in a convenient location where it will reflect the engine temperature correctly, or as near the heat source as possible.  In this example we are monitoring the engine block temperature, so a tappet cover bolt has been chosen. To use the sensor as an engine coolant temperature sensor and engine block monitor, mount the sensor under a thermostat housing bolt or similar.

The SENSOR HOLE size is 10mm ( 3/8")

car engine coolant sensorSlip the heat sensor under the bolt and replace the bolt to its original position and tension.

IT'S THAT EASY! No possibility of car coolant leaks or electrolysis.

engine protection


Secure the lead so there is no possibility it will be damaged, use the spiral wrap provided if required. If possible, avoid running the sensor lead right next to sparkplug leads, the coil or distributor.


Plus:  TM2 can be used to switch things on.

The 12 v output for the mini siren can be used to operate an inexpensive 12v automotive horn relay.

This can be used to turn on flashing lights or alarms.

NOTE. The leads for the siren are not fitted as standard. This option is free, but you must request them when ordering.

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Engine Wathdog Timer


Engine Shutdown Timer



Go to  enginewatchdog.com for details

The Engine Watchdog TM3 TM5 TM6 are ideally suited to use with the Murphy switch gauge.

Engine Watchdog TM3







Diesel Engine Protection Shutdown System

Detects Low Engine Oil Pressure & High Engine Temperature

Idea engine protection for all large or small diesel engines,  petrol engines, generator engines, pump engines

Go to enginewatchdog.com for details

The Engine Watchdog TM3  TM5  TM6 are ideally suited to use with the Murphy swichgauge.


fuel shutoff solenoid 12 volt


Suits TM3 and TM5 engine shutdown systems fitted to medium & small engines

Fuel shut off valve is fail safe - (normally closed and requires power to open.)

Note. This solenoid is for 12 volt systems only. We recommend a higher voltage rated solenoid or a Voltage Reducer for 24 volt systems.